Browser/device support video

4 years ago
Tags: video devices

Here is a video about LimeJS current browser and device support. Sorry about it being a bit shaky, we’ll try to do a better job next time.

As a summary to the video: All major browsers’ current stable versions are supported except Internet Explorer where we support the next version IE9 that is currently on Release Candidate status. In mobile space we have full support for iOS devices(iPad,iPhone and iPod Touch). The Android version needs a speed boost that will hopefully come in next months. Options for RIM Playbook seem very good as well as for HP WebOS.

Funnily the browsers giving us biggest headache at the moment aren’t IE or even Opera but Chrome and Firefox. This of course does not mean these are not good HTML5 browsers. They are both the most innovative browsers out there but they unfortunately have some bugs.

Chrome 9 was released almost the same time as we made LimeJS public and some of our previous work was hit with a CSS transformations bug. This bug may affect first loading speed if your DOM trees get large. The solution is just to switch to Canvas renderer. If you have seen this bug then you can leave a comment at the Chromium issue page, hopefully Google will fix it quicker then.

For the Firefox there are some hardware acceleration issues on Firefox4 that at least appear on a Mac. Seems to be some combination of transforms and/or transitions. This is completely acceptable as Firefox4 is still on beta and beta browsers are allowed to have bugs. The solution is just to turn off hardware acceleration in the preferences. Firefox 3.6 branch is unaffected.

If you have seen LimeJS work on some other devices or browsers you can let us know in the comments!