Go and create your game!

4 years ago
Tags: limejs html5

LimeJS is a JavaScript game framwork that allows any developer to create HTML5 based games in no time. Games created with LimeJS framework do not require any browser plug-ins or any additional software installation to run – just a modern web browser is needed. Current version of LimeJS supports almost all HTML5 capable browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox and even Opera (sorry, no Internet Explorer support yet). And of course this also covers two main mobile platforms, namely the iOS (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch) and Android.

Digital Fruit has developed LimeJS as part-time/side project quite a while, our desire to create game toolkit was initially driven from lack of tools for developing HTML5 based games generally and specially for touchscreens (iOS, Android). LimeJS’s goal is quite clear and simple: to provide an easy way to build good game experience without thinking about inner workings.

There were two main questions what we tried to solve. First, how to make HTML5 based game experience so close to any Flash game or native game on modern smartphone that regular user will not see difference. Secondly, how to bring development time (and therefore cost) of game to similar level what Flash games enjoy today. I think we succeeded in both of our goals. Seeing is believing. Point your Mobile Safari to Roundball or Zlizer

Now its your turn: go and create your game.

The work is far from over, though. We will keep development going and hope that you will also add your small share (not required).

Our blog will keep you informed about new releases, developments and bug fixes, new tutorials, resources and everything else what is going on with Lime JS.